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WAWASEE eLearning Days (due to inclement weather)

The primary objective is to maintain momentum of learning.  The primary objective is not to make-up missed days of school.  Virtual eLearning Days allow students to minimize the interruptions caused by snow days and continue to make educational progress.

Notification for eLearning Day for Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Today, Wednesday, February 20, is an eLearning day for Wawasee students.  The last day of the trimester is Friday, February 22.

eLearning assignments will be posted for students by 10 am.  Assignments will be due at the start of the school day on Friday, February 22.  If you as a student are unable to complete assignments by the start of the school day on Friday, you or your parent needs to contact your teacher today or talk with your teacher first thing on Thursday.  In some classes, students are studying for a unit test or trimester exam which will still be given on Thursday or Friday, but that will be noted in a teacher’s eLearning plans today.  Libraries/Media Centers will be open after school on Thursday until 5 pm for students who might need to stay after school and complete work.

Students and parents can access assignments at https://sites.google.com/a/wawasee.k12.in.us/wcsc/Home/wawaseelearning and click on their school and teacher(s). Additional instructions are found at the bottom of the page linked above.

All questions regarding assignments/instruction should be directed to the classroom teacher(s).  For technical assistance, you can call 574-457-3188 and choose #4 eLearning Technical Support.

eLearning Days Guidance

  1. WCSC will be as proactive as possible.  If weather looks like school in session as normal might be an issue, teachers will have students download plans for the following day as much as possible and iPads will be sent home with students in grades K-2. There will be times when that does not happen, and then students and parents will know assignments will be posted by following #6 below.

  2. eLearning Days due to inclement weather will be relayed through the district’s notification email system, Remind 101 texts, district website, the district’s Facebook page, and local TV/radio stations.

  3. eLearning Days will take place on the day of the inclement weather with students having 2 school days following the eLearning day to complete the assignments. Assignments will be due at the start of school of the third school day following the eLearning Day.

  4. If successive day cancellations are needed, the first three days will be eLearning Days, and the following days after will become eLearning days on Saturdays that are planned and communicated for later in the year (IE: If we have a blizzard and are out for five days in a row, the first three days will be eLearning days.  The last two days will be eLearning days on two separate Saturdays several weeks after the missed days.).

  5. Students’ attendance will be determined by their completion of assignments. Incomplete or missing work will be assigned the appropriate grade and will result in an unexcused absence.

  6. Teachers will post contact information and assignments/learning targets by 9 am. Teachers will host virtual office hours from 9:00am - 3:00pm over the course of the eLearning day. Digital office hours can be conducted via email, Google Chat, Google Classroom, or telephone, but not via social media. If a two-hour delay is called first before a decision to close, then assignments must be posted by 10 am with teachers’ virtual office hours 10 am-3 pm.  As a general guideline, elementary students will have approximately 2-3 hours of assignments including specials and support classes. Secondary students will have approximately 3-4 hours of assignments.

  7. Classroom teachers and special education teachers will work together to ensure that work is appropriate and accommodations are made for students with special needs.

  8. To help accommodate students with any technical challenges or questions, WCSC will have hotline support systems open from 9 am-3 pm.  These questions and/or challenges should be technical, not instructional.  All instructional questions should be directed to the student’s teacher(s).

    • Hotline for Technical Assistance: 574-457-3188

  9. It is expected that most assignments for the eLearning day will be completed at home.

  10. Public libraries in each community have internet access available.

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Oct 9, 2017, 9:42 AM