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Head Lice

Head Lice Information for Parents and Guardians

Wawasee Community School Corporation
Position Statement-Head Lice

Head lice rarely (if ever) cause direct harm, and they are not known to transmit disease from person-to-person. Thus, they should not be considered a medical or a public health problem. They are mainly acquired by direct head-to-head contact with an infested person's hair but may infrequently be transferred with shared combs, hats and other hair accessories. They do not jump or fly.

Our goal is to educate parents, staff and students regarding the scientific facts of head lice and to support and work closely with parents and their students who are found to have head lice. Parents are requested to focus on the education and proper treatment of their child should an incident of head lice occur. Parents are requested to notify the school nurse when head lice are found on their child.

It is our position that head lice should not disrupt a student's education or their school attendance. When the school nurse is made aware of live lice, she will address the situation with a parent contact and the use of an electronic lice comb. Our school nurses are a valuable resource to families, offering up-to-date head lice information.

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