I hope that everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather and all the benefits of living in the Wawasee area.  Work is progressing toward a fall of 2018 completion of a renovated Milford School.  Wawasee High School has renovation projects scheduled on some areas of their buildings.  We want your schools to support the needs of our community children.

The fall begins the third school year of 1 to 1 computer devices.  Our students are learning so much both individually and together with their devices.

We are now well acquainted with the Skyward program for student management of class schedules, lunches, communications, and grade reports.  Every year shows us more ways that the information can aid students, parents, and teachers.

Robotics is being incorporated in all grades this school year, as well as a WHS course.  Robotics clubs are in every WCSC school.  This program provides new and exciting opportunities for our students.

At Wawasee, we continue to pride ourselves on preparing students for their future.  From vocational programs, to dual college credit, to a variety of experiences that guide students to settle on a career path, our students are ready.  We have had this goal in place since they were in early childhood.

Thanks for your support.  With everyone’s encouragement, assistance, and care, we work together for your child’s future.

Dr. Tom Edington, Superintendent of Schools