WCSC Central Office

1 Warrior Path, Building 2

Syracuse, IN 46567


Superintendent's Welcome

Hallways that have been silent for two months are now filled with excited voices of our 3,000 community children and their teachers.  Buildings cleaned, buses shined, parking lines painted, lawns mowed, furniture moved, computers checked, and menus completed for the 2019-20 school year.  Installation of solar panels at every building will be completed by Labor Day, saving needed funds for the education of our youth.


All teachers will become part of professional learning communities this year.  Additionally, every Wawasee employee has been trained in working with children that have experienced trauma in their young lives.


We are together in the fourth school year of 1 to 1 computer devices for all students.  Our youth are learning so much both individually and together with their devices. We are now well acquainted with the Skyward program for student management of class schedules, lunches, communications, and grade reports.  Every year shows us more ways that technology information can aid students, parents, and teachers.


At Wawasee, we continue to pride ourselves on preparing students for their future.  From vocational programs, to dual college credit, to a variety of experiences that guide students to settle on a career path, our students are ready.  We have had this goal in place since they were in early childhood.


Thanks for your support.  With everyone’s encouragement, assistance, and care, we can work together for your child’s future.


Dr. Tom Edington

Superintendent of Schools

About Us

Wawasee Community School Corporation provides an enriched learning environment that has helped countless students get ahead. Our schools are located in the heart of Kosciusko County, Indiana, surrounded by stunning lakes and a thriving culture. We are extremely proud of our community and thankful for the time and talent that members have dedicated to making our schools exceptional places to learn, create, and grow. 

Our Mission

The mission of Wawasee Community School Corporation is to create an academic, social, and physical environment that facilitates growth in each student toward and beyond mastery of state and national standards and achievement of personal goals set by the student in cooperation with staff and family. Staff, students, and their families commit themselves to utilizing student data and available resources to help the students reach those goals.

Our Vision

Wawasee Community School Corporation strives to provide facilities that are inviting and where students are safe. Our schools actively seek the input and involvement of the community as a partnership and communicate information with stakeholders through a variety of technological and traditional media, including active participation on corporation and school committees. Our schools provide technology to enhance learning and instruction, and the curricula and related activities to engage students. Our schools also provide a variety of extra-curricular activities in academic, artistic, social and athletic areas of interests.

Staff members in our schools are highly-qualified in their areas of expertise to help students set and achieve high expectations. Staff demonstrate professionalism, courtesy, and respect in their interactions with students, families, other staff members, and the community and seek to involve all stakeholders in educational decisions. Staff communicate effectively and often with all stakeholders. Staff members' organization and passion for their profession and students create a positive, encouraging environment for both professional development and student success. Staff work with students to utilize, create, and integrate technology so that students are engaged and preparing to succeed in a global, digital world.

Families help students understand the importance of education and earning a high school diploma. Families encourage their students to read, complete homework, attend school, be respectful, be well-rested, and prepared for school each day. Families recognize staff members as a valuable resource and work with them to support academic improvement and classroom behavior expectations.

Students display positive attitudes with the help of teachers, families, and other adults, thereby taking responsibility for their own education and actions. This responsibility manifests itself through good attendance, strong organizational skills, positive interaction with others, and attainment of academic goals. Students are self-motivated, actively engaged in classroom activities, and committed to life-long learning. Students model good citizenship through caring, trustworthiness, and respect for themselves and others. 

Graduates of Wawasee Community School Corporation live with integrity and demonstrate self-reliance by effectively making responsible decisions, solving problems, and communicating both formally and interpersonally. Graduates possess fundamental financial literacy skills through real life applications and experiences. Graduates demonstrate mastery in reading, writing, math, and technology skills, ensuring their college or career readiness.

Reading Improvement Goal

All students will improve comprehension of and responses to reading across the curriculum.​

Writing Improvement Goal

All students will apply writing strategies and conventions through the composition of various types of writing.

Math Improvement Goal

All students will use mathematical skills to think critically and apply knowledge and reason to solve problems.

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