Contact Information

Please direct all of your Drivers' Education questions to either Mr. Wright or Mrs. Judy, unless it is about your driving schedule, then contact your driving instructor.

Wawasee Schools and all instructors for Wawasee Driver Education are licensed by the Indiana BMV.

Mrs. Shelly Judy

Administrative Assistant


Tim Haines




Driving Instructors:


Cameron Troyer


Jim Houvener



Mr. Charlie Wright


David Shipley


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

  1. Fill out and submit the registration form online (link above).
  2. Take a check to pay for the classes to Mrs. Judy in the WHS office.
  3. Mrs. Judy will send you a code by email to get started online.
* You must be at least 15 years old to start Driver's Education.

When will I drive?

  • For more information about the driving portion, contact Mrs. Judy or Mr. Wright (after you start the online course and have your driving permit).
  • We will drive 7 days a week; after school and on weekends. We will also drive during school breaks, but will not drive on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, July 4th.
  • Some driving sessions will be in the summer.

How much does Driver's Ed Cost?

$265 for Wawasee Corporation students $290 for non-Wawasee students Includes driving and the online class.

Can I still drive with Wawasee if I have taken the online course somewhere else?

Yes. The cost for only the driving portion is $230 for Wawasee students or $250 for non-Wawasee students.

Who can I drive with when I have my Driver's Education permit?

You can only drive with your parents or legal guardian until you pass Driver's Education.

Who can I drive with after I pass Driver's Education?

You can drive with any relative who is over the age of 25 and has a valid driver license. He or she must be sitting in the front seat of the car and have his or her driver's license with them.

Online Classes

In an effort to make things as convenient as possible for students to take Driver Education at Wawasee, we are now offering the classroom session online. Online classes can be taken at home, at your convenience.



The cost of the program is $265/Wawasee student or $290/Non-Wawasee student and should be included with this form.  Make checks payable to Wawasee High School.  A spot cannot be reserved in the program without payment. The form and money can be turned into the office of the school that you are attending at this time (Milford Middle, Wawasee High School, or Wawasee Middle).  If you are not in one of these schools you can drop off your registration and payment at the main office at Fairfield High school or mail to Wawasee High School, #1 Warrior Path, Building One, Syracuse, IN 46567. This $265 or $290 does include the driving your student will be doing, also.  We have no financial help, but we may be able to set you up on a payment plan.  


Driving Sessions

We have one car we drive year around, and I'll schedule as many students as possible with this car. We will drive 7 days a week, which will include after school, Saturday, Sunday, and vacations (will not drive on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or the 4th of July).  The rest of the behind-the-wheel driving sessions will be done in the summer due to the cost of car rental and insurance.  Driving instructors will schedule students after registration is completed in May and will notify them of their driving times. If you know of any dates in the next 2 months that you are going to be unavailable to drive(i.e. vacations, etc.), please make notification on the bottom of the ENROLLMENT FORM. If there are any make-up sessions required due to conflicts not noted on the bottom of the ENROLLMENT FORM, the cost will be $28/hr. This fee also applies to students who do not have their permit on time. All students must have their permit by the first time they are scheduled to drive.  This permit is sometimes hard to get, so don’t wait until the last minute to get it.  We will send a reminder note out to all students in May, so that they can  update their unavailable dates if we need to drive them in the summer.


Once you start the class, either online or at the high school, you may start driving with your parents or legal guardian if you have your driving permit from the BMV.


You must take a written test at the BMV before you can get your permit for Driver Education.