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eLearning Days

Wawasee Community School Corporation will virtually make up school days that are closed due to weather or other circumstances. On eLearning days, teachers will have lessons and/or activities available by 9:00 a.m. if a cancellation is called or by 10:00 a.m. if a delay becomes a cancellation. Teachers will be available to answer questions via e-mail from the time lessons and activities are available through 3:00 p.m.

The primary objective is to maintain learning momentum, not to make-up missed days of school. Virtual eLearning days allow students to minimize the interruptions caused by snow days and continue to make educational progress.



Click the link to your student's school to see his or her eLearning assignments:

eLearning Days Guidance

Due to the closing of school and the implementation of extended eLearning, we will​ adjust our normal eLearning process.  While there is no perfect plan for such an unprecedented situation, we have prepared what we believe will be workable  for students, teachers, and parents. We ask for your flexibility and understanding during this time. This will be a learning process for all of us, so we ask for your grace and partnership during this walk together.  While in-class learning is our preferred and best method to deliver instruction, we are grateful that we have an avenue through eLearning to continue the educational process. Below are details and the plan for extended eLearning. Please notice that a new piece to eLearning are due dates for assignments.  If your student has no connectivity and is unable to complete work online, please see the No Internet Connectivity and packet information section at the end of this document.


eLearning                                          Plan                                                       Assignments Due (9 am):

Monday, 3/16                                    CLOSED- Waiver


Tuesday, 3/17                                    eLearning                                           Thursday, 3/19 (or later per teacher)


Wednesday, 3/18                             CLOSED- Waiver


Thursday, 3/19                                  eLearning                                           Monday, 3/23 (or later per teacher)


Friday, 3/20                                       CLOSED- Waiver


Monday, 3/23                                   eLearning                                           Wednesday, 3/25 (or later per teacher)


Tuesday, 3/24                                  CLOSED- Waiver


Wednesday, 3/25                           eLearning                                           Friday, 3/27 (or later per teacher)


Thursday, 3/26                                CLOSED- Waiver


Friday, 3/27                                      eLearning                                           Tuesday, 3/31 (or later per teacher)


Monday, 3/30                                 CLOSED- Waiver


Tuesday, 3/31                                 eLearning                                            Thursday, 4/2 (or later per teacher)


Wednesday, 4/1                             CLOSED- Waiver


Thursday, 4/2                                 eLearning                                           Monday, 4/13 (or later per teacher)


Friday, 4/3                                       CLOSED- Spring Break begins       Spring Break April 10th



Teachers will be available between 9AM - 3PM each day, Monday-Friday.  Teachers will do their best to respond to questions and emails in a timely manner.  Please keep in mind that teachers have dozens of students they will be in contact with, so it may take a short time before they are able to respond to your question or email.


While utilizing eLearning will provide a better platform for deeper understanding of essential standards, we recognize not all students have access to the internet at home.  Parents/Guardians, if you do not have access to the internet at home, please call or email (see below each building’s contact information). If you email, please provide your student’s name and grade level should you email.  We will deliver packets to you.

View or Print Instructions for Accessing eLearning Day Information: