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Wawasee engagED

WCSC is committed to preparing students for success in life

by keeping them actively engaged in learning.


Wawasee's 1:1 initiative provides students with engaging, student-centered learning experiences. By putting a mobile device in the hands of every student and teacher in the school district, students will leverage 21st century skills to actively contribute and collaborate with others, express creativity, communicate effectively, and think critically.


Students in grades K-2 are issued an iPad Gen 7

Students in grades 3-12 are issued a  Dell Chromebook 3100. 

iPad 7th Gen.jpg
Gumdrop Case.jpg
Dell Chromebook 3100 1.jpg
Dell Chromebook 3100.jpg
Targus Case.jpg

Offline Access:

Students are able to use Google Docs offline if there is no internet access at home. Watch the video or read the instructions below to learn more. 

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