2 Hour Delay Change

We know the delay earlier this week created some confusion for students and parents. We sincerely apologize for that. The Wawasee Administrative team has decided that simplifying things would be the best way to move forward. Effective immediately, any delay will be an actual TWO HOUR delay. 

This means that students can be dropped off at Milford School starting at 10:15 am. Students will be allowed to go to class at 10:35 am. Class will start at 10:45 am for Milford School students. 

This also simplifies things for bus riders. If your student rides a bus, on delay days they will be picked up TWO HOURS later than normal pickup time. For example, if your student normally gets picked up at 8:05 am, on a delay day they will be picked up at 10:05 am.

**Breakfast is NOT served on delay days.""

We hope this makes things easier for everyone. If you have questions you can call Milford School. 

WCSC Central Office

801 S. Sycamore St.

Syracuse, IN 46567