Monday, April 26th


PROM: The main office now has the form if you want to bring a guest to prom who is not a Wawasee student. The completed form needs to be turned in with a picture ID no later than Friday, April 30th. Prom tickets will go on sale starting Tuesday at lunch. They are $20 a person. You can also see Miss Records in A103 for tickets or if you have questions.

The Student Council members are working hard to be able to represent the Wawasee classes next year! The following teams will be campaigning this week and next to win your vote. Elections will be held on Friday, April 30th so check your class Google Classroom for the voting form and help pick your student leaders!

Running for next year's Student Body President/Vice President:

All 11th-9th students are able to vote

Devin Van Lue and Ayla Torres

Kennedi Adkins and Devon Kuhn

Next year's 11th grade President/Vice President:

ran uncontested

Keegan Hurst and Izzy Losee

Next year's 10th grade President/Vice President:

All current 9th graders are able to vote

Nathan Harper and Summit Shaw

Samantha Rose and Windsor Bonner

Statement from Sam and Windsor for all 9th graders:

Sam Rose and Windsor Bonners goals are to make the sophomore classes year the best it can be, our goal is to keep things fun! We believe that we could get involved as much as possible to ensure this. Vote Sam Rose and Windsor Bonner for your Sophomore Class President!

Statement from Nathan and Summit for 9th graders:

Any candidate can make promises, but we’ll follow through; next year we’ll make sure that Wawasee does more than just the yearly status quo. If you’re looking to elect the most passionate, approachable, dedicated, and proactive candidates, who can and will execute tangible change for YOU, vote Nathan Harper and Summit Shaw for your 9th-grade president and vice president, or else… we’ll lose!

Statement from Devin and Ayla for all next year's 11th-9th grade students:

Devin Van Lue and Ayla Torres have been members and leaders of student council since freshman year. Through our dedication and hardwork, we have been able to accomplish things to better our high school and high school experience. Devin and Ayla are running to have the honor to serve our school as the Senior Class and the Student Body President and Vice President. Despite the detriment COVID has put upon our plans this year, we have still been able to boost the support for our homecoming team and band members along with creating posters and recognition in support for the Junior Class. We will also be hosting the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance in May as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Both of us appreciate our community and will do as much as we can to give back to the community as it has given to us. From our time in office, we have achieved our goals and represented our class with pride and dignity along with pushing for more student activities all year long. Our leadership capabilities are undeniable. Devin has attended 3 years of National Youth Leadership Training along with leadership training in Washington D.C. Being involved in the band as a Drum Major along with Key Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Theater, Relay For Life, and Show Choir. I have shown my value in wanting to make this school better through the leadership skills I have inquired about. Ayla has been an active leader in Key Club, as a Lieutenant Governor, along with the Student Council. She has also participated in Theater, Golf, Academic Super Bowl, National Honor Society, Relay For Life, and Wrestling. We are more than qualified to be your President and Vice President. In the future upcoming year, we plan to host Wawasee’s first ever Junior & Senior Prom, hype up and redesign our Homecoming, host a Homecoming dance, show student recognition for academic achievement and school, announce school activities and sporting events daily, and restore our school spirit. Devin and Ayla are here for you and the betterment of Wawasee High School. Vote for Devin and Ayla and let's restore our school spirit and make next year count! Click on the link below to watch their campaign video.

Devin Van Lue & Ayla Torres Campaign Video.mp4

Statement from Kennedi Adkins and Devon Kuhn:

To keep this short, Me (Kennedi Adkins) and Devon Kuhn are running for Student Body President and Vice President for the 2021-2022 school year because we want to change things up. These last two years have been met with unfulfilled expectations and a lack of excitement due to Covid-19. With next year being our last, we want to use every chance we have to squeeze in as much excitement and new traditions as possible. We will work with administration to introduce new events throughout the school year. There are also obvious issues that we and many other people feel need to be addressed throughout the school. However, many students don't know who to go to for real change to happen. We are going to make it easier for any student to express their concerns, needs, and ideas with an anonymous drop box located somewhere in the school. Vote for us so that everyone can have a say in the next year's changes.


If you are a student in need of clothes or toiletries due to financial difficulties, there is help available. All you need to do is talk to your counselor or Mrs. Puckett.

The National Guard will be here TODAY during lunch.

The Marines will be here on Tuesday, April 27th during lunch.

Myths of Organ Donation


I can’t donate because I have a medical condition

FALSE - No matter medical conditions it is best to be on the donor list because someone might not be able to use a particular organ but they could use tissue.

If something happens to me and I am a donor, doctors will not try to save me!

FALSE - Organ donation is not addressed until it is determined that there is brain death.

They “harvest my organs”

FALSE - They are not farmers who harvest; They procure - to obtain or get by care, effort, or the use of special means. Your organs are extremely important and they take the best care of you through the entire process.

I can’t be a donor because of my age

FALSE - Anyone can decide to be a donor regardless of age or health. In fact, the oldest organ donor in the U.S. was 92. Your ability to donate is determined at the time of death.

My family will be charged for donating my organs.

FALSE - There are no costs to the donor’s family for donation. It is also free to sign up to be an organ donor or to have it included on your driver’s license, learner’s permit or photo ID.

The rich and famous on the U.S. waiting list for organs get preferential treatment.

FALSE - Wealth, social status and race are not considered when deciding who will receive an available organ. The computerized matching system selects recipients based on blood and tissue typing, organ size, medical urgency, waiting time and geographic location.

I can only sign up to donate when getting/renewing my driver’s license, learner’s permit or photo ID.

FALSE - You can sign up to be an organ donor at any time — and it only takes 30 seconds.

Sign up now

I need my parents approval to sign up.

FALSE - You can sign up, but it is always best to discuss your options with your loved ones first. If you are minor (under 18) you can sign up but your legal guardians/parents will be the ones to make the final decision. Signing up as minor gives you some say when the decision is to be made.

Sign up now if you choose at

Wawasee SODA chapter does encourage all students to discuss this with their loved ones. Just know your facts and make the best decision for you and your family.

Sophomore’s are now allowed to participate and purchase tickets!

Wawasee High School’s first ever Sadie Hawkins Dance will take place on Saturday, May 8th, 2021! It will be from 8-11pm at the Oakwood Resort Hilltop Event Center in Syracuse. This is a fundraiser to support the American Cancer Society, Relay For Life of Kosciusko County. The theme is “To The Moon and Back”. Color schemes are pearl white, black, navy blue and gold. Tickets are $15 and will be available for sale this week at lunch with a max of 200 tickets to sell. First come first serve.

Each Sophomore/Junior/Senior is allowed one guest from any grade.

There will be a cash soda bar with drinks including root beer floats and other specialty drinks. If you are interested, please bring cash to the event.

If you have any questions about the dance, please contact Sam Rose, Ayla Torres, Ava Pohl or Devin Van Lue.

Any student who may be interested in auditioning for next year's musicals is invited to join a newly created google classroom where updates will be posted over the summer. Auditions will be the week of August 16, 2021. Join by using this code: fxis57t

Wawasee Baseball

We are BACK!

After unfortunately having to take 2020 off due to Covid, the Wawasee Baseball Program's Warrior Care Day is back and better than ever. This spring the baseball program will again be going out into our 3 communities to provide "Spring Cleaning Services", as part of our Warrior Care Day service project. This service is available to anyone who may need a helping hand completing any activities/projects around their home. If you know of anyone in the community who could benefit from this help, please do not hesitate to contact Coach Brent Doty and we can schedule a time during our day for the baseball program to help with any "spring cleaning" jobs they may have (a list of items needing attention is a big help as we then know how many players to allocate to each location).

Some Examples of the tasks that we have done in the past include ,but are not limited to:

Mowing, weed eating, yard clean-up, landscaping, garage/barn organization, power washing, etc.

We plan to help as many families/individuals as possible on Saturday, May 1st from 9am-1pm (rain or shine).

Sports Results:


The Varsity Baseball team traveled to NorthWood and lost 0-6. Jacob Meek had 2 hits.

The Varsity Softball team hosted NorthWood and lost 2-3. Haylee Allen pitched all 7 innings and had 7 strikeouts. Kianudra Olson and Kathryn Flannery each had one hit. Olivia Stuck led the team with 3 stolen bases.


The Girl’s Track & Field team competed in the Churubusco Invitational and finished 11th.

The Varsity Baseball team hosted the Wawasee Invitational. In game 1, the Warriors lost to Heritage 2-13. Grant Brooks and Parker Young scored one each. In game 2, the Warriors took on Jimtown and lost 10-12. Kameron Salazar and Grant Brooks scored two each. Parker Young had 5 RBI’s.

The Varsity Softball team hosted an invitational. The Lady Warriors lost to South Bend Clay in game 1 1-11. In game 2, they lost to Rochester 9-19. Haylee Allen led the team with 3 hits.

Sports Schedule:

The Boys’ Golf team will host Fairfield and West Noble. Tee time is 4:30 pm.

The JV & Varsity Baseball teams will host Northridge. The first pitch is at 5:00 pm.

The Varsity Softball team will travel to Northridge. The first pitch is at 5:30 pm.