Monday, August 17, 2020

Below are links to the videos that you watched last Thursday from Mr. Walmer and Nurse Sara. Some students were unable to view the videos, so Mr. Walmer wanted to be sure that you had access to them. If you did not watch them, please take some time to watch them when you can.

Mr. Walmer's Message to Students

Nurse Sara's Message to Students

Students who drive currently or those that will during the course of the 2020-2021 school year:

If you are parking on any Wawasee Community School Corporation property for school or athletics, you need to purchase a parking pass. They are $10.00 until the last day of September. Beginning October 1, they will be $20.00. Even if you are not going to drive until February, please purchase it now to avoid paying the $20.00.

The parking permit forms are located in the attendance office. Make sure you have it completely filled out (front and back) giving the information it asks for.

Beginning very soon, Officer Leach and Mr. Perek will begin driving through the parking lot making sure those using our parking lot are compliant. If you do not have a parking tag, we will give you a very orange, sticky, reminder on your window. Continued refusal to purchase a parking pass will result in your vehicle being towed from WHS or other property you are using, at your expense. You will get (1) warning sticker- after that warning it is possible the next communication you receive will be the bill from the service that tows your vehicle.


If you participate in any extracurricular program (athletics, academics, clubs, etc.) you need to fill out a drug test consent form. These forms are located in the attendance office.

Found Items:

1. A girl's necklace downstairs in the B-wing.

2. These glasses upstairs in the B-wing

Claim them in the main office.

WCSC Central Office

801 S. Sycamore St.

Syracuse, IN 46567