Thursday, February 11th

FOUND: A silver necklace with an initial on it. If it is yours, see Mrs. Baird in the main office.


Another reminder that you will be taking the English ISTEP today. You will test in the same location as last week. 2 changes to note:

1. If you were on the deck or in the cafeteria, AM and PM tests flip flop,

example - If you tested at 12:30 last week, you test at 8:30 this week, and vice versa.

* If you tested in any other room, you will still test at the same time as last week.

2. Afternoon test is at 12:45 (not 12:30). Report to the deck or cafeteria immediately at the end of 4th period.

Make sure your device is charged! No excuses.

Any girls interested in track should plan to attend the girls' track call out meeting in Mrs. Long's room B210 Today at 3:15 pm.

Sports Results:

There were no events scheduled yesterday.

Sports Schedule:

The Boys’ C Basketball team will host Northridge. Tip off is at 6:00 pm.

The Gymnastics team will travel to Elkhart. The meet starts at 6:30 pm.