Thursday, October 29th


For those of you who are registered to vote, I wanted to remind you that voting takes place next Tuesday! Please take time to review where you go to vote. Also, consider when you'll be able to go- before school? After school? Do you have a practice or work that you will need to work around? If the only possible time you can vote is during school hours, please communicate with the attendance office to get their approval to go vote and come back.

Also, early voting is available for Kosciusko County at the Justice Building in Warsaw today through Friday until 4:30 each day and also on Saturday from 8-4 pm. Below is the link for reference:

Mr. Walmer


Laundry Detergent Fundraiser items will be delivered on November 4th. (Wednesday)

You may pick up your items after school in the auditorium.

We will have carts ready to help you deliver items to your vehicle.

Dollars for Scholars students selling Krispy Kreme!

You should have received your order form for the donut and coffee sale that will run until Thursday, November 5. Your order forms and money are due on November 5. The order must be called in ahead of time, so late orders will NOT be accepted. Plan accordingly.

Pickup day is Wednesday, November 11 in the Commons. Plan to deliver those products the same day you pick them up to guarantee maximum freshness. Also, ask your customers' preference for delivery in light of social distancing guidelines.

Mask Cleaning Service Cancelled

Due to lack of interest/participation mask cleaning service is being cancelled. Please make sure you are cleaning your masks daily at home. If you need a clean mask, please see me individually as I have extra cloth masks in the clinic.

Thank you,

Nurse Kropf

This year, Red Ribbon Week is held from October 23rd through November 1st. Key Club and VOICE Indiana will be hosting a challenge called Tik Tok Against Tobacco. This challenge will task each 4th-period class to create a 15-30 second Tik Tok related to the effect or reason why Tobacco and Vaping are harmful to your body. The competition will be held this week through Friday. After all, Tik Tok's are sent in and posted, They will be judged by Mr. Walmer and the winning class will receive an Individually packaged pizza party! Students, you’ll need to show your teacher the video before it can be posted. All Tik Tok's must be sent to Devin Van Lue at by TOMORROW. Let's team together and promote awareness about the effects of Vaping and Tobacco!

November 9th-21st WHS Key Club is having its annual non-perishable food drive for three local food pantries by “Stuff A Bus” full of food and toiletry items. The 4th period class who collects the most food and toiletry items will be awarded with a pizza party. The bus will be in front of WHS during these two weeks. Key Club members and the bus will also be at the following locations throughout the week:

Tuesday, Nov 17th~ Dollar General in Milford from 3:45 pm – 7:00 pm

Thursday, Nov 19th ~ Dollar General in North Webster from 3:45 pm – 7:00 pm

Saturday, Nov 21sth ~ Neighborhood Fresh and Dollar General in Syracuse from 8 am -1 pm

Please help us “Stuff The Bus” for our community!

Coming in November!

Auditions for

A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Email Mr. Fredericks for information.

Want to learn a new skill in behind the scenes sports broadcasting? Want to call boys or girls basketball games? We are planning for our upcoming basketball broadcast on 93.7 FM The Mix and CPGTV. If you’re interested in learning, while being paid, please email Mr. Van Lue for more information.

Winter Athletes, it’s time for winter sports pictures.

Below is the schedule. Please reach out to your coach if there are any conflicts.

Saturday, October 31

1:00 pm Girls’ Basketball (Varsity/JV) WHS Spectator Gym

Saturday, November 14

12:00 pm Boys’ Basketball (Varsity/JV/Freshmen) WHS Brickyard

1:00 pm Cheerleading (Freshmen/JV/Varsity combined) WHS Brickyard

2:15 pm All Senior Athletes WHS Brickyard

Thursday, November 19

3:30 pm Swimming (Boys’ and Girls’) (Group pics FIRST) WMS Pool

3:30 pm Wrestling (JV/Varsity) (Group pics FIRST) WHS Wrestling Room

4:15 pm Gymnastics WHS Annex Gym

WCSC Central Office

801 S. Sycamore St.

Syracuse, IN 46567