Wawasee Reporter Newspaper Tab Coming Soon!

BOLO! In the next few weeks, please be on the lookout for the Wawasee Reporter in your postal mail. It is a separate newspaper tab that has all of the necessary information regarding all Wawasee school locations. Information will include book fees, lunch costs, important dates, etc.

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Thursday, October 15th

Fall Break is TOMORROW and this coming Monday. Enjoy this extended weekend and be safe! Going forward, if we have a delay, it will be a true 2 Hour Delay. We will start school at 10:30 am. The main

Wednesday, October 14th

PSAT Day Schedule for Today SOPHOMORES & JUNIORS 8:30AM - 8:45AM PSAT InstructionsApproximate time-frame 8:45AM - 12:00PM PSAT TestingExtra time built in as cushion 12:00P

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