Wednesday, October 14th

PSAT Day Schedule for Today


8:30AM - 8:45AM PSAT InstructionsApproximate time-frame

8:45AM - 12:00PM PSAT TestingExtra time built in as cushion 12:00PM - 12:30PM A Lunch 12:35PM - 1:18PM Class time for A Lunch students 12:05PM - 12:48PM Class time for B Lunch students 12:48PM - 1:18PM B Lunch 1:23PM - 2:10PM Period 5 2:15PM - 3:03PM Period 6


Check Google Classroom for eLearning learning materials


Ag APEX - McKinney & Gibson

Business HIT- Gibson

Culinary Arts Art & Photography

Foreign Language CTE / Radio & TV

JAG English


Orchestra IT

Resource PE

Science Social Studies

Music: Piano & Keyboarding

Freshmen & Seniors:

Today is an e-Learning Day. Please work on assignments and fill out the Google Attendance Form for each class.

Fall Break is this Friday and coming Monday. Enjoy this extended weekend!

Going forward, if we have a delay, it will be a true 2 Hour Delay. We will start school at 10:30 am.

Want to learn a new skill in behind the scenes sports broadcasting? Want to call boys or girls basketball games? We are planning for our upcoming basketball broadcast on 93.7 FM The Mix and CPGTV. If you’re interested in learning, while being paid, please email Mr. Van Lue for more information.

Any girl interested in playing or managing basketball this season should stop by Coach Carpenter's room, B214. Tryouts will start the Monday of Fall Break, Oct 19th, so stop by before then. If you are not currently in a Fall Sport, you should also check with Mrs. Ritchie in the Athletic Office to see what paperwork you still need to turn in.

Attention Warrior Nation:

Black Out T-shirts are here for our last home game and senior night against Goshen. We are accepting pre-order sales until Friday, October 9th! Don't miss out, get yours today!

$15 each

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