Wednesday, September 30th

TODAY is an e-Learning Day. All students will stay home to work on your e-Learning assignments from your teachers. Make sure that you fill out the Google Attendance Form for each class you have that day. All assignments will be due by the start of school on Monday.

During this week of Homecoming, the student council is having a locker decorating contest! To go along with our theme, Wawasee’s Got Game, bring materials from home to decorate your locker with anything to do with board games. Must be appropriate!! On Friday, the three best decorated lockers will be chosen and given a $10 gift card to McDonalds. We are also having a trivia kahoot during lunch so make sure to bring a device.

The dress up days are the following:

TOMORROW: Battleship, Wear Camo

Friday: Pink Out Shirts

This year, to support the Pink Out cancer awareness night, the Student Council will be hosting a fundraiser during lunch this week of Homecoming. This competition will be held everyday during all three lunches in the cafeteria. Located at a table near the entrance door to the cafeteria, There will be 4 large money collection containers. Each container will have a different grade level attached to it. Up on the wall, there will be a large Monopoly board with a pawn for each class. For every $5 each grade collects, we will move their pawn one space clockwise around the board. Once the first pawn, or grade level, goes all the way around the board and reaches “GO WARRIORS”, Mr. Walmer and other administrators will cheer as cheerleaders for a section of the Homecoming football game. But do notice that the grade level must make their way around the whole board in order for the administrators to receive this challenge. The competition will begin today through Friday during lunch. Let’s team together as Warriors and show cancer who’s got game!

This is the Homecoming Court of 2020-2021. You will be voting for the seniors at the bottom from Tuesday-Thursday. The winner will be announced at the Homecoming Game. Watch for the voting form in your emails!

1. Freshman Boy

  1. Name: Brandon Kelly

  2. Family: Brandi Schuh

  3. Activities: Football

2. Freshman Girl

  1. Name: Chloe Rodgerson

  2. Family: Kim Rodgerson & Tim Rodgerson

  3. Activities: Soccer

3. Sophomore Boy

  1. Name: Jaxon Brown

  2. Family: Candice Brown

  3. Activites: Football

4. Sophomore Girl

  1. Name: Amanda Allen

  2. Family: Mark and Dianna Allen

  3. Activities: Volleyball

5. Junior Boy

  1. Name: Ben Haines

  2. Family: Tim Haines & Nancy Haines

  3. Activities: Soccer & Track

6. Junior Girl

  1. Name: Elizabeth Miller

  2. Family: Chris Miller & Jeremy Miller

  3. Activities: Volleyball & Track

7. Senior Boy 1

  1. Name: Niles Hodges

  2. Family: Megan Hodges & Neil Hodges

  3. Activities: Soccer

  4. Attend college and major in Biology.

  5. Favorite Memory: Traveling to Europe with my friends and teammates.

8. Senior Boy 2

  1. Name: Brett Marshall

  2. Family: Nancy and Brian Marshall

  3. Future Plans: Find the Taco Bell corporate ladder and climb it.

  4. Favorite Memory: Being popular with the ladies.

  5. Best Advice: Don't waste the sauce, lick the plate.

9. Senior Boy 3

  1. Name: Kaiden Ruff (aka Dewey)

  2. Family: Gina Ruff & Dustin Ruff

  3. Activities: Cross Country

  4. Future Plans: Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University.

  5. Favorite Memory: Hanging out with my homies.

10. Senior Boy 4

  1. Name: Kameron Salazar

  2. Family: Joe & Yvonne Salazar

  3. Activities: Football, Basketball, Baseball

  4. Future Plans: Go to college and look to further a career in Education.

  5. Advice: Go and support your friends in what they do.

  6. Favorite Memory: I have been thankful for the amount of support I get my family and Delaney through my years at Wawasee.

11. Senior Girl 1

  1. Name: Bronwyn Bonner

  2. Family: Pete & Kristin Bonner

  3. Activities: Theater & DECA

  4. Future Plans: Moving to New Mexico to pursue a career in film.

  5. Favorite Memory: Wearing a blue wig on picture day with my friends.

12. Senior Girl 2

  1. Name: Tate Cowan

  2. Family: Jeff & Kari Cowan

  3. Activities: Student Council, DECA, National Honor Society, Golf, Basketball, & Tennis

  4. Future Plans: I plan to attend college and major in biology

  5. Favorite Memory: Cheering for the football/basketball teams with my fellow students nearly every weekend.

  6. Advice: Don't let the fear of failure deter you from your goals, take risks you never know what you'll accomplish until you try.

13. Senior Girl 3

  1. Name: Emma Dippon

  2. Family: Joe and Candice Salvo & Chuck and Amber Dippon

  3. Activities: Volleyball

  4. Future Plans: I have committed to continue my education and volleyball career at Goshen College where I will major in American Sign Language.

  5. Favorite Memory: All of my favorite memories and experiences have come from being on the volleyball team for the past 4 years and going through high school with the class of 2021.

14. Senior Girl 4

  1. Name: Emma Ebright

  2. Family: Shane & Stephanie Ebright

  3. Activities: Cross Country, Gymnastics, Track, National Honor Society

  4. Future Plans: Attend college to study public health.

  5. Use these four years to find your passion, grow as a person, and prepare for the real world. While doing so, get involved, go to school events, and enjoy your time here. Most importantly, never take these years for granted.

Wearing a clean mask can help reduce "mascne" or irritation to the face from bacteria passed from a dirty mask to the skin.

I will be offering a mask washing service to students every Friday starting September 25th. How does this work?

  • Every Friday before 11a.m. you can drop off your mask in the laundry basket located in attendance. *Bring an extra mask with you to wear during the day*

  • There will be a stack of Fabric Labels and a pen for you to attach a label to your mask and write your FULL name on it or First Initial and Last Name if you are cramped for space. Please make sure it is legible! This will keep it from getting lost.

  • Your mask will be washed with hot water and dried on high heat to kill any bacteria.

  • You can pick up your mask at the end of the day in the same location before leaving school. Check the label to make sure you picked up your mask.

  • If this is well received I may add more days to this service.

For those of you washing masks at home:

  • Wash in hot water

  • Ideally you should do this daily to have a clean mask every day

Nurse Kropf


Are you aware that you can vote in the November elections if you are 18 years old by November 3rd, 2020? Not sure how? Follow these easy steps!

1. You MUST register by October 5th to vote on November 3rd. To help with fraud, Indiana law does not allow same day registering and voting.

2. Go to the Indiana government site and follow the directions. You will need a valid Indiana Driver's License or a Indiana State Identification Card (which you can get for free at the BMV if you don't have a driver's license)

3. Done! You can also use the website to find your polling place, see who is on your ballot, and how to vote with an absentee ballot. Still have questions? Feel free to see Mrs. Myers in C107 and she will gladly help you!

Elections Information:

November 3rd (voting for federal, state, and local position)

Polls are open from 6 am to 6 pm.

If you liked Harry Potter you don't want to miss our fall show Friday, October 9th, Saturday, October 10th and Sunday, October 11th! Tickets are on sale now for Wawasee's fall play, PUFFS! Use this link or purchase them in Mrs. Bonner's room before school.

Save The Date:

Our new gymnastics coach, Coach Liston, will host a call out meeting for the upcoming gymnastics season on Tuesday, October 13th from 3:15-4:15pm. The meeting will be hosted all virtually via Google Meet. If you’re interested in joining the Gymnastics team, see Mrs. Judy in the Main Office to get a calendar invitation for the Google Meet meeting.

Sports Results:

The Boys Varsity Soccer team lost to Northridge 1-6. Ben Haines had the lone goal. The JV team also lost 0-9.

The Girls Varsity Soccer team held their Senior Night last night. The ladies fell to Mishawaka 1-4.

Sports Schedule:

The Boys Varsity Tennis team will compete in the IHSAA Sectional at Columbia City against the Eagles. The first serve is at 4:30 pm.

WCSC Central Office

801 S. Sycamore St.

Syracuse, IN 46567