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Securly// Tipline

Wawasee Community School Administrators are always looking for ways to foster an even safer and more caring school community. Wawasee Community School District has added Securly// Tipline to our website to ensure that students, staff and parents have a voice to report issues that may impact their peers and or schools.

Tipline allows school administrators to receive tips at any time and have the ability to respond in a timely manner to issues that impact the school or individual students. The reported issues range from peer pressure, campus violence, depression, suicide and bullying (to name a few).


All Tipline Messages will be received and addressed during school hours.  In case of an emergency please dial 911.

Students, staff, parents and other stakeholders can visit the district website to gain access to Tipline. Users can identify which schools receive the tip, describe what happened, where and when, and who was involved, then submit the tip. Users may choose to communicate anonymously or non-anonymously.


Click Here to Send a Tip On Tipline
1-833-300STOP   |   |
Download the Tipline App
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