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Key Changes to Our Transportation Policy


One Pick Up / One Drop Off

Each student will be allowed one pick up address in the morning and one drop off

address in the afternoon.

Picking Up Students

If a student that typically rides the bus home must be picked up from school, a parent/guardian must call the school before noon.

Get-togethers / Parties

Transportation to friends' homes for get-togethers, parties, and other group activities will not be available by school bus.


Exceptions to transportation policies may be made in emergency situations. Changes must be approved by the Principal and the Transportation Director. 

New Requests/ Changes

New requests for busing or changes to a current busing plan must be submitted by completing the online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my child need to be waiting at the bus stop?

Parents should make sure their children are at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

Will the bus leave if my child is not at the bus stop?

Yes! Bus drivers are instructed to stop at the designated pick-up point to look for students. If the student is not at the stop, the driver needs to continue on to keep the route running on time. Bus drivers cannot hold traffic or delay routes to wait for students that are not at the bus stop.

How can I find bus stop locations and pick-up times?

Wawasee Community School Corporation offers a resource called Inforfinder-i. Infofinder-i is designed to help you locate the school your child will attend and provide you with bus stop locations and times. Infofinder-i

Video on School Bus Safety
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